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Standard Metal Works is an ornamental fabrication shop, specializing in, but not limited to, stairs, railings and furniture. While Standard’s current iteration is relatively new, its roots are old. Shortly before the start of WWI, the Reynolds family founded Standard Machine Shop, located at 10th and Walnut here in Boulder. There, for 70 years, they built and repaired everything from farm implements to parts for Apollo spacecraft. Standard Machine is our namesake and our example; we are doing our best to honor those roots by running an honest shop and producing quality work.

I've really enjoyed seeing all the unique metal work you guys have cranked out. I'm really impressed!!


One Boulder Plaza

Very Nice!


Cadence Design Studio

Great service. Great people. The only place to go to in Boulder


Residential Client

CLEAN install. Very nice!


Residential Client

Cool place... had a vintage sewing machine part that I couldn't find anywhere and had them make... i call them " the boulder Armory guys" when I talk about that place.


Residential Client

Our services

Here at SMW we provide a host of service to meet our customers needs. If we don't list something your looking for, please drop us a line or contact us using the form below.

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Portable Welding

Custom Fabrication

Our metal fabrication services include Laser Cutting, CNC Punching, Forming, Rolling, Welding, Finishing, and a variety of other Machine Shop Services. Our Capabilities include the ability to fabricate parts ranging from stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, galvanized and exotic metals.

We have the experience and flexibility to get the job done! From multi-national corporations to independent proprietors seeking to prototype a part, to your everyday Jane/Joe seeking a replacment part. We take great pride not only in our commitment to quality, but also our track record of supplying effective and dependable fabrication services for our customers.

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Portable Welding

SMW offers portable welding/on-site welding services in and around Boulder, CO. Portable welding offers the ability to make onsite repairs or installations. This valuable option is available for projects that are not transportable and must be done in the field, including custom decorative railings, handrails, room dividers, door and window treatments, architectural accents, lighting sconces, furnishings, gates, fences, etc. Generally speaking, if you need it welded - we can do it!

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